Client Service Covenant

Barr's commitment to finding solutions that fit your needs and providing exceptional service is expressed in our mission statement: "Solving clients' problems as if they were our own."

In solving your problems, we will:

Keep your interests in mind
– We will seek to understand your business
– We will work to identify your problems
– We will strive to provide creative solutions that meet your needs

Ask for your input
– We will honor your concerns and priorities
– We will involve you in developing solutions
– We will ask what is important to you and your organization, and
work with you to achieve your goals

Meet our commitments
– We will develop a mutual agreement on the scope, schedule,
cost, and service requirements for your project
– We will regularly inform you of our progress and expenditures
– We will promptly notify you of issues and conditions that could
affect your project
– We will have appropriate staff members work on your project
– We will work to resolve problems and make things right

Make your life easier
– We will prepare reports and submittals to meet your business
– We will work to match your priorities and schedule
– We will be accessible and respond to calls, faxes and e–mails in a timely manner
– We will provide clear and concise invoicing

Provide honest answers
– We will be candid about our capabilities and experience
– We will take responsibility for our work
– We will work to avoid any conflicts of interest

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