Client focused Action Request System (CFARE)

Quality control is an independent department in Gentek Consult that is responsible for ensuring compliance to regulations and corporate quality policies.

Quality control Department (QCD) implements, maintains and continuously improves a company-wide quality system that assures output quality, reliability and client satisfaction. Department leads and promotes total quality management values, practices, and principles to continuously improve performance. Quality control department demonstrates Gentek's effective quality system to company and to clients by achieving and maintaining registration to ISO 9001 quality system standards and leads the effort on continuous improvement of current quality system to meet the ISO 9001-2000 standard as well as pursuit of other industry and professional quality system standards.

The Quality control determined by Quality Management System(QMS) in company. Gentek maintains certain quality management system documents that are applicable company wide in the corporate document control databases. Management review findings; observer feedbacks,client complaints, process performance and output conformance are all the basic inputs for feeding QMS to improve Quality control. Gentek Consult maintains a Client focused Action Request System known as the CFARE system. This system logs and tracks client issues such as: client complaints, requests for information, return non suitable outputs, requests for revision,staff focused client critics, contractual issues etc. CFARE is most critical part of the QMS. Especially in the site offices,all the issues regarding to CFARE, Quality control Department is responsible to complete necessary revisions and changes.

Quality control divided into two segments in Gentek. Quality control in headquarter and in site offices. In headquarter, each department have quality control observer who has appointed by Quality Control Department. Those observers works independent and responsible directly to the Quality Control Department Manager. Gentek Consult operating sites and observers have direct reporting responsibilities into corporate Quality control department. Each Gentek Project site with a named team leader, also conducts a complementary review at least every three months. These reviews focus on the client’s feedback, reliability, staff performance, CFARE, internal staff harmony, output quality, harmony with client, follow-up from prior reviews, and progress against the QMS improvement plan.The site team leader tracks actions/decisions made which are treated as quality records. That means, In site offices, the team leaders are responsible to fulfilling of QMS’s directives.

Gentek Consult continually reviews the quality management system to ensure its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness using four key methods: QMS, Review for Continuous Improvement, Quarterly Business Reviews, and Site QMS Reviews. In combination, these methods evaluate the need for changes to our QMS including the quality policy and quality objectives. Based on these reviews, strategic or long term improvements needed to gentek’s QMS are addressed and documented within the Management Review prepared by Quality Control Department.

For each QMS element in Gentek’s quality manual, the management review solicits feedback on: What is working well; Improvements made since the last review; What is not working; and, Suggested actions for improvement. All those steps are controlling by Quality Control Department.

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